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Apollo Publishers

A Zero Waste Family

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From the eco-luxe lifestyle champion Anita Vandyke comes a practical and beautifully illustrated, fresh, and fun guide to sustainably reduce your family’s waste by 80 percent in just thirty days!

Trying to live a zero-waste life while simultaneously raising a family can feel almost impossible, but Anita Vandyke, the popular Instagrammer and best-selling author of A Zero Waste Life, is here to help.

A Zero Waste Family is an insightful thirty-day guide brimming with the lessons Anita learned while navigating motherhood and still trying to reduce her waste. Here she shares innovative ideas about how families can work together to decrease their household waste and in the process make their lives easier, richer, and more purposeful, and less full of clutter and distractions.

Parents are constantly juggling the needs of children, work, chores, and money. This book is not designed to add to the guilt that is already felt; it's about showing how, by applying zero-waste and minimalist principles, being an eco-parent doesn't have to be difficult. By making small changes as a family, you can make a big difference for today's children and future generations.