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The Card Bureau

Soy Candle

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The candles are made of natural soy wax with a blend of fragrance oils. Hand poured in small batches in Virginia with lead free cotton wicks. 50 hours of burn time.  

Burning The Patriarchy

Feel empowered by lighting up the 'burning the patriarchy' candle. 

SMELLS LIKE: "the dismantling of male power structures"

Scent: tobacco, sandalwood and fire smoke


The perfect candle for the introvert in your life...or maybe it's for you.

SMELLS LIKE: cancelled plans and a weighted blanket.

Scent: lavender, sage, and rosemary

Plant Mom

Do you collect cacti? Love lavender? Fawn over flytraps? This ones for the plant moms (and dads) and their ever expanding leafy nurseries.

SMELLS LIKE: Never Enough Plants

Scent: Cactus Flower & Jade